Welcome to Luxxle, a better
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Luxxle is built on two pillars

Better Search

More Privacy

What is "Better Search"?

Relevant Result

Luxxle serves broader, deeper, and more relevant results. You'll notice the difference.

Search Lenses

Our Lenses sorting tool lets you easily filter results so you can evalute more information quickly. There's nothing else like it in search.

Deeper Results

Luxxle's results go back for hundreds of pages with thousands of hits, much more than any other search engine. So deep results are there when you need them.

Other search tools

Luxxle has many features that help improve the search experience.

What is "More Privacy"?

Private Data

Luxxle doesn't sell your data, and we only use minimal user data to generate relevant search results.

Private Browsing

The Luxxle mobile browser apps block trackers and lets you browse privately, and they collect no user data.

Secure Site

Luxxle's website is highly secure and we take numerous steps to protect your data.

Search Encryption

All searches on Luxxle are secure and encrypted.

Be Luminous

The expression "Be Luminous" is at the core of our name: Luxxle is derived from the Latin phrase "Fiat Lux" which means “Let there be Light". “Lux” means “Light”, which also represents the concepts of information and knowledge.

So join us

in a new search and browsing experience committed to the very highest standards,

and Be Luminous

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Be Luminous

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