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Welcome to Luxxle
At Luxxle, we believe the Right to Information and the Right to Privacy are fundamental rights.

Upholding these rights is the foundation of the enlightened internet experience we seek to create for our users.

To uphold the Right to Information, we always seek to provide objectively fair search results. Our results are balanced and enhanced with artificial intelligence to help ensure their trustworthiness. We believe our approach sets a new standard for search fairness and facilitates the free flow of information and ideas across the internet and the world.

To uphold the Right to Privacy, we provide tools to browse the internet privately. The Luxxle app blocks others from tracking your activity and allows you to browse in private mode, which protects your privacy on the internet. All searches on Luxxle are secure and encrypted and data used to give you the best possible experience is never sold to third parties - see privacy policy.

We embody these beliefs in our motto: "Be Luminous"

"Be Luminous" is at the core of our name: Luxxle is derived from the Latin phrase "Fiat Lux" which means “Let there be Light". In addition, “Lux” means “Light” in Latin and it is a metaphor for information and knowledge.

So join us in a new internet search and browsing experience committed to the very highest standards – and Be Luminous.