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Frequently Asked Questions

Luxxle doesn’t remove, suppress or otherwise manipulate information to favor a particular point of view. Luxxle uses its own search index to create balanced and highly relevant results free from agenda-driven manipulation. Luxxle’s results are presented in a unique way to meet users’ preferences and make information transparent and easy to find. A typical search for a news item lets you switch between “All”, “Lean Left” and “Lean Right” for more meaningful information. This feature continues to expand and provides our users with deeper, richer and more comprehensive content.

At Luxxle, balance means providing greater depth and range of information. Luxxle uses technology and its own search index to improve the overall quality of results. Luxxle also provides great relevant results for everyday use (for example, “parks near me”). We believe that by always striving for better balance and greater relevance we are creating a search engine that is truly trustworthy.

Luxxle is responsible about protecting your privacy. We don’t profile or track you and we don’t sell your data. The Luxxle app blocks others from tracking your activity online and allows you to browse in private mode. We use limited data to provide the most meaningful information relevant to your search without compromising the quality of your experience. No search engine can ever provide perfect protection of your search related data, because other parties - such as your internet service provider or your browser for example – may still be able to access it. To improve overall privacy, you may also consider security tools like a VPN and using a privacy conscious browser.

Luxxle earns a commission on clicked ads that appear at the top of search results. Because they are based on your search query, the ads have very high relevance. Luxxle displays very few ads compared to other search engines. We encourage our users to support our advertisers as it helps grow Luxxle and keeps our service free to you.

Luxxle integrates its own search index with data and content from Apple, Foursquare, ieX Cloud, Mapbox, Microsoft, Oxford Dictionaries, TripAdvisor and Yelp, among others.

We don't.

Yes, Luxxle has both, and they don't track you or collect your data.

We have fast, intuitive apps for iOS and Android that offer a clean user interface with private browsing and tracking protection. The apps also have a simple front-page feature that lets you close windows and clear data with a single touch.

Our browser extensions are available for Chrome, Edge and Firefox. The Chrome browser extension typically works on lesser-known browsers.

Luxxle is derived from the Latin word “Lux” which means “Light” signifying information and knowledge.

Luxxle is based in Bellevue, WA, was founded in 2019 and launched in 2022. Luxxle is 100% American owned, operated and financed. Luxxle was started by American tech entrepreneurs who sought to bring a fresh perspective and make a positive new contribution to search.